Government Solar Solutions

 Solarwise Group can supply solutions for both on and off grid (remote locations the where power grid has not extended to the locations yet)

Solar Solutions can be for providing solar (green) energy for Government buildings or Solar farms to power entire towns and villages.

Islington Borough Council - example

inslington council"Islington is looking at a brighter, cleaner future after installing solar panels on its buildings that will generate savings of £1.5million.

More than 1,800 solar panels are generating energy from the sun’s rays, and will provide free and environmentally-friendly electricity to council buildings, selling any excess generated back into the National Grid.

The combined benefit of electricity savings and income from the panels is estimated at £1,545,000 over 30 years, based on today’s electricity prices (Article from – 11th Feb. 2016).

The panels will also save an estimated 190 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere every year, equivalent to that absorbed by 156 acres of forest, or that produced by driving a car to the moon and back."

Counsellor Claudia Webbe, executive member for environment and transport, said: “These solar panels are a win-win for the council and residents.

Even if land space is limited or within limited sunlight, our solar solutions can provide sufficient power supply for all your requirements.

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