Solar Solutions for Industries

Solarwise Group can provide the solar solutions for Industrial units in order to reduce costs, fossil fuel consumptions, to reduce the company's carbon footprint and also to make the company greener.

We can supply both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels and flexible solar panels depending on your requirements.

With most factories and industrial units they have a large flat roof which is great to add solar panels to.

Solarwise Group solar panels are guaranteed for 10 years but our suppliers ensure the output for a minimum of 20 years. But without damage they can quite easily last for 30+ years. For this reason we would suggest the roof to be checked to ensure it will also last at least this duration. As you would not want the expense of removing the solar panels and potentially damaging the panels in the process, when repairing the roof damage after you have installed the solar panels.

We can create a solar solution specifically for your industrial / factory needs.

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