Solar solutions for a holiday Resort

Holiday resorts are more than likely to be off the beaten track. it is also likely if the location is remote, they will not be connected to the national electricity supply. Even if they are more and more resorts are looking to be self sufficient when electricity supply can drop at any moment. Previously expensive polluting gas generators were used as a backup to ensure the fridges / freezers remained on, lights did not go off and in common areas the air condittioning stayed on. This is an inconvenience for your guests. Furthermore receiving a bad review is the last thing you want. 

What can you do?

You must consider solar energy. Solar panels have improved to be able to generate energy on a cloudy day. So for resorts in the sun, it is a must to get free electricity.

Some examples below:

Maldives Floating Island Resort - completely solar powered.

Maldives Floating Island Resort solar powered Solarwise Group

Each floating pod is completely solar powered

Maldives floating pod solar powered - Solarwise Group

Sandals, Montego Bay - Jamaca

The following one is a simple array of 98 solar panels producing 25kW

 Sandals Montego Bay solar powered eco villa in Jamaica - Solarwise Group

We can create a solar system specifically for your office buildings needs.

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