Solar transport solutions

The following are examples of how solar can intergate within our different modes of transport. most of these are currently being used right now. A couple however are still in concept but it wont be long before these are live versions

Toyota Solar Prius


solar tuk tuk from India - Solarwise Group

Solar tuktuk - India


Golden Sun solar taxi - Solarwise Group

Solar powered taxi


Emmission free Solar boat - Solarwise Group

Emmission free Solar boat


Emmission free Solar boat - Solarwise Group

Solar bike.


caravan with solar panels Solarwise Group

Caravan converted to use solar energy


solar ford cmax - Solarwise Group

Ford C-Max solar version


Lotus car Solar charging with panels open - Solarwise group

Lotus Solar car with solar panels out recharging the batteries


Solarwise Group is happy to discuss potential solutions for your individual requirements - contact us for discuss this further.