Our view

Solar is a resilient power supply. As Indonesia is an equatorial country, it has good solar radiation and with the continuously falling photovoltaic technology prices mean solar PV can plug Indonesia's energy gap.

Indonesia's solar radiation stands at 4.8 kWh per m2 per day, however only a few MW of solar PV has been installed, according to IEA figures.

Off Grid solar PV particularly presents many opportunities for Indonesia, The dispersed, mountainous and seismically active geography of the Indonesian archipelago is an obstacle to the development of cost effective grid-connected electricity systems.

It’s green energy which means no polluting backup generators anymore. (not pollutions on buildings only landscape pollution with larger Solar farms).

As Solar is our specialism, we advise solar energy is the best option at this time for Indonesia. The cost and environmental benefit make it a far better option than some of the other green energy solutions.