Current Situation

There is insufficient energy supply for the country

Indonesia is currently suffering with insufficient energy supply

Of Indonesia’s population of 250 million, 82 million (33% of population) do not have access to electricity and 124 million (49.6% share of population) still use biomass for cooking.

There is already a high pollution level, many cars causing traffic within the major towns and cities. Burning on the biomass for cooking only adds to the pollution.

The demand of energy in Indonesia is so great that it imports energy (fuel).

Indonesia’s natural resources (oil and gas) are exported although 49.7% and 44% respectively are being used internally to meet their country’s demand.

In addition, there is already a high pollution level, increasing the power production through traditional methods will only add to this.

The table below shows the types of health effects experienced by the most common pollutants at elevated levels:

Effects on the environment

Air pollution causes damage to plants and animals, affecting biodiversity and crop yields. Defra has a number of research projects investigating the effects of air pollution on vegetation and ecosystems.